McCal Joy
Illustration and Fine Art

Portrait Commission

I’ve been commissioned to draw and paint many personal portraits over the years and I’d love to create a unique and meaningful piece for you or a loved one. I work from photographs and only take commissions that encourage me to stay true to my unique and evolving style as an artist.
If that sounds good to you, the process is fairly simple… you email me details about what size and type of commission you’d like along with photographs of the person(s) or animal(s) you’d like drawn or painted and I create a beautiful portrait for you!


View current prices / options below and connect with me through my contact page  HERE  or at  to inquire about availability. Thanks.

                                             Personal Drawings


                                               Personal Color Study

Personal color studies are a new and popular choice when it comes to deciding on a personal commission.


The creating process begins with a graphite underdrawing to give the portrait realistic depth and fine and fun detail. Then the drawing is peppered with strokes and splashes of light and bold colors to give it a whimsical vibe. Some of my strokes are loose and gestural, giving your portrait a fun and unique look that is different than any other portrait.  

                              Personal Portrait Paintings

These portrait paintings are created with the addition of Oil paint  and high-quality canvas that will make your artwork pop off the wall! (not literally) This option includes the flexibility to add other imagery or backgrounds that will add dimension and texture to your personal painting.